100% Chemical Free

"Only technology on the market capable of producing green hydrogen through a 100% chemical-free osmosis system and ultrasonic cleaning. It produces electricity, drinking water and takes advantage of the byproducts of the process to produce H2O2, Nanobubbles, Advanced Oxidation and Externalize Waste Heat"
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Generates Water

It generates water through a 100% disruptive system for subsequent electrolysis using PEMWE or AEMWE electrolyzers. Both surface water, underground water, sea water, or residual water are suitable.

Generates Green H2

It generates green hydrogen taking advantage of disruptive osmosis, for subsequent electrolysis using state-of-the-art PEMWE or AEMWE electrolyzers.

Generates electricity

Generates renewable electricity using a hydrogen fuel cell, taking advantage of the hydrogen produced by the electrolyzer. Available 24/7 combined with H2 storage.

Recycles Residual O2

Recycles residual O2 to generate H2O2, Nanobubbles, advanced oxidation processes, or enrich the air introduced into the fuel cell to increase electrical efficiency.

Recycles Waste Heat

Recycles waste heat from the entire system, to improve system performance in unfavorable weather situations. Valid for external use (ACS, air conditioning...,etc). Able to operate 24/7.

Take advantage of excess water

Take advantage of the surplus water produced for human or industrial consumption. Combined with O2 it allows the generation of H2O2 (disinfectant) and Nanobubbles.


Scalable and modular. The system allows modular generation from a few kg to 1,000 kg of H2/day per module. By combining several modules, several thousand kg/day of H2 can be generated.


It does not generate dangerous waste, nor does it pollute the environment, making it a 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

Integrable with H2 in Solid State

H2umidity® is prepared to be integrated into a solid state green H2 storage system using metal hydrides. If desired it can be stored in the form of gas.




H2 + Electricity


H2 + Electricity + Reuse

Equipment dimensions in meters (Width, Length, Height):

Short Module: 2,25 m x 5,80 m x 2,30 m.

Long Module: 2,25 m x 11,90 m x 2,30 m.

Custom configurations are possible.


EcOsmosis H2®