Luisa Fraga

Luisa María Fraga Trillo has a PhD in Chemical Sciences from the University of Santiago de Compostela.

With more than 30 years of experience in R&D&I, her activity has been focused on identifying opportunities and defining and deploying strategy in the field of Advanced Materials and its contribution to a more efficient, safe energy model. and sustainable. She has extensive knowledge in portfolio management of short, medium and long-term projects in areas such as CO2 recovery, low C technologies, nanotechnology and development of differentiated products for niche applications. Her previous experience in open innovation allows her to have top-level interaction models and contacts in the academic and industrial sectors.

Professional experience:
– Senior Technical Consultant in Advanced Materials: 2017-2020 (Technology and Corporate Venturing Directorate Repsol S.A.)
– Responsible for Experimentation and Innovation Support: 2015-2017 (Repsol S.A. Technology Directorate)
– Technical Consultant in Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology: 2010-2015 (Repsol S.A.)
– Technology Project Leader: 1990-2010 (Repsol Química S.A.)

– Repsol Representative in Work Package “Regulation”, “R-T” and “Industrialization” of the European Nanofutures Platform (2016-2020)
– Repsol Representative in the “Value Chain Expert Group” of the Value4Nano initiative -7th Framework Program Project (2016-2020)
– Repsol Representative in NanoSpain (-2020)
– Repsol representative in “Nanotechnology Group” at Plastics Europe
– Member of the Management Council of MATERPLAT – Spanish Technological Platform for Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials (2009-2011)
– President of the Management Council of SUSCHEM Spain (2018-2020)
– President of the FEIQUE R&D&i Commission (2018-2020)
– Repsol Representative in the CEFIC Materials Expert Group (2018-2020)
– Participation as an expert in the SIRA Consultation Group (Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda) for Advanced Materials in the SUSCHEM workshop “Towards a New Suschem SIRA”. 2019
– Participation as an expert in SIRA 2019 – Circular Economy in SUSCHEM (European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry) (2017-2020)
– Participation as an expert in SIRA 2020 (2018-2020).

Luisa has participated as a speaker in multiple conferences and events, the most recent of which are:
– “The value of diversity and women in Science.” University of Navarra (2020)
– Talent Woman Spain 2019: “The key technological innovation in the energy transition” (2019)
– “The chemistry of success: Women, Science, Innovation and Society” organized by Foro Química y Sociedad, Madrid Student Residence and Sustainable Chemistry Technological Platform Suschem España (2019)
– II Conference on Innovation with Plastics for a Circular Economy”. Plastics Europe – Suschem España (2019)

Key reader for “First Year Assessment” at Instituto Imdea Materiales, member of 2 thesis boards and co/author of 6 scientific publications and 8 international patent families.

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